We know that choosing a doctor for you and your family can be a difficult decision, but we want to make sure you know that you are making a great decision in choosing our office for your healthcare needs!

Preparing for your Visit

Please give us a call at 317-575-1115 or click here to reserve your New Patient appointment.

Dr. Hillary Hushower accepts the following insurances:
United Health Care, Medicare, Humana, IU Health
Dr. Tayler VanHoosier-McNeill accepts the following insurances:
Anthem, Medicare, Aetna, IU Health, Humana, Cigna, United Healthcare
Dr. Cooper Mocarski accepts Medicare, Anthem, IU Health, Cigna, and Aetna
Monthly New Patient Platinum Memberships are available. Please call 317-575-1115 for more information.


Every 3rd week of the month we have Kids Week which includes FREE exams and $35 adjustments for kids 12 years and younger. Call the office to get your kids scheduled.

*Minors will need to be present with guardian at visit, please call office for more information.

You will be taken back to a private examination room to watch a brief welcome video. Then your doctor or her assistant will sit down and discuss your concerns, and perform a neurological and orthopedic assessment. They will then determine if x-rays are needed before proceeding any further. If needed, we do offer onsite x-rays. At the end of your examination the doctor will determine if she is ready to adjust you or wait for the final report of findings at your second visit.

The first appointment will take approximately 40 minutes.

During your second visit your doctor will go over the findings from your assessment and x-rays. She will determine what your recommended plan of care is and answer any further questions you may have.

Depending on your current health, the doctor may recommend additional therapies to your standard adjustments. These visits take 10-30 minutes.

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