Associate Doctor Position

Rangeline Chiropractic is seeking a motivated and energetic associate chiropractor. We are looking for a full-time associate who is highly competent, teachable, punctual, honest, dependable, and a team player. Our associate must be personable, courteous, and a skilled communicator. While experience is preferred, we are certainly interested in all applicants, including recent graduates of chiropractic school and even soon-to-be graduates. Our associate will need to both be a self-starter who is able to make quick clinical decisions, but also one who can take direction from the managing physician. Our practice is fast-paced and will require knowledge of the following chiropractic techniques: diversified hands-on adjusting, Thompson drop, Webster’s technique, Activator technique, and Cox flexion/distraction. Compensation will be discussed during the interview, we include but not limited to, the following: malpractice insurance, and continuing education (CE) credits (including travel expenses associated with CE credits).

Practice Representative Position (PR)

Our mission is simple – we are going to change the health of our world here in Carmel with natural wellness. We have set the goal of 80% of our community getting regular chiropractic care – not pain relief – wellness care – because THAT is what will change their health!! Chiropractic enables the body to heal itself – but as a society we haven’t been doing this – we haven’t given the body the chance to heal itself first. Today the health and wellness of our society has been led by drugs – we turn to drugs first for wellness and healing. Shoot, we have become a so drug dependent that we start taking drugs before we even get sick. If we just think we might have something coming on – we take drugs. The result is that now we are in a drug epidemic that is killing us instead of healing us. Over 80,000 people in our country died last year from taking PRESCRIPTION drugs! So why is this happening? It’s because we choose to let drugs lead – making drugs our first resort for wellness instead of our last resort. So as our practice representative … you are showing them how We are committed to NATURAL wellness first – let the body heal itself FIRST with chiropractic care leading your health and wellness – the first resort – and then if you are still sick – we turn to drugs as a last resort. How many TV shows and movies do you see about chiropractic care like you see about emergency rooms? they just don’t KNOW chiropractic. They don’t know how to say it – spell it – or how it works. it is our job to change that and that is why we need your help. We need to get this message out there so the public knows how to get well naturally and stay well. You will represent us in the community. You are OUR Practice Representative!

Chiropractic Assistant Position (CA)

We love our assistants! You make this office run and aid us in healing our patients. We are a growing practice and have both part-time and full-time positions opening.


Due to our busy office schedule, Please inquire on any of these positions
to Dr. Hillary Hushower directly at: hillaryhushower@gmail.com, as calls
during our office hours can disrupt our flow and help of patients. We
appreciate your time.

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